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Aromamatic Products is passionate about aromatherapy.

Diffusing essential oils with an oil vaporizer or mist diffuser is a simple yet effective way of promoting health and wellbeing, with benefits ranging from better sleep, to improving cognitive function, and reducing stress and anxiety symptoms.

However traditional oil burners pose a fire and safety risk, particularly when small children are around.

Aromamatic Products Pty Ltd: Home of the Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer

It was this dilemma which led company founders Sue (a qualified aromatherapist) and Alan McKenzie (an avionics engineer) to develop the Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer, a safer and more effective solution for aromatherapy lovers everywhere.

Today, Aromamatic Products has grown to become a leading aromatherapy wholesaler, stocking a range of aromatherapy products and accessories, including:

  • Essential oil vaporizers and Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers;
  • Pure Essential Oils and Blends;
  • Aromatherapy Gift Sets;
  • Soy Wax Melts and Wax Melt Warmers;
  • Beautiful Timber Essential Oil Storage Boxes, etc.
Aromamatic Products Pty Ltd sells to both individuals and business customers - head to the Wholesale Page to find out if you could be eligible for a wholesaler login.

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