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Aromamatic Products was founded in Australia in 1992 to introduce an electric appliance which revolutionized the vaporizing of aromatherapy essential oils. 

Developed by company directors Sue, an Aromatherapist, and Alan McKenzie, an Avionics Engineer, this innovation, now known as the Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer, was both a safer and more effective solution than the candle burner.  The Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer met with immediate market acceptance both nationally and internationally. 

Since that time Aromamatic Products has grown to become one of the world’s leading aromatherapy companies supplying retail and direct marketing chains in Australia and distributors in Asia, the South Pacific and Europe. 

Aromamatic Products retains its absolute dedication to aromatherapy and continues to diversify its range with an array of complimentary products-aromatherapy essential oils and blends, car vaporizer, unique timber storage boxes and electric wax warmers. 

Aromamatic Products operates out of a purpose built Head Office/Warehouse facility in Southport, Queensland, Australia.



Phone: + 61 7 5591 5859      Fax: + 61 7 5531 0054
Mail: PO Box 840 S.B.C. Southport Qld 4215 Australia.     Office: 1/12 Olympic Cct. Southport Qld 4215 Australia
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