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​Spring has Sprung and Flowers are Blooming…

By Saskia Brown 2 years ago 4046 Views No comments

Relieve your Hayfever with Aromatherapy

If you’re like me and one of the many people in which the onset of Spring and all those wonderful scents of blooming flowers brings nothing but itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, a runny nose, sneezing and breathing difficulties, rest assured there are many essential oils which can help you to breathe freely and navigate your way through this peak hayfever period.

Arm yourself with the following essential oils to help get you through the allergy season.

​Finding a little solace in Aromatherapy

By Saskia Brown 4 years ago 4708 Views No comments

Living just a few blocks away from one of the locations for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris I was alert that night to the constant stream of ambulances screaming down my street with their blaring sirens for what seemed like hours. Even from the safety of my living room this left me feeling shocked as it gave me a fairly good insight into the magnitude of the attacks and the extraordinary number of injured people.

​Welcome to Aromamatic’s all-new Blog!

By Sue McKenzie 4 years ago 4078 Views No comments

We’re very excited at Aromamatic to welcome you to our new blog in which we’ll be bringing you a wealth of tips, news, inspiration and insights from the world of aromatherapy and natural living.

Sue is our aromatherapist who completed her qualifications in the U.K. under Micheline Arcier, a highly recognized English aromatherapist. Sue will be providing you with useful aromatherapy tips on our blogging journey.

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