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​Finding a little solace in Aromatherapy

​Finding a little solace in Aromatherapy
By Saskia Brown 4 years ago 4708 Views No comments

Living just a few blocks away from one of the locations for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris I was alert that night to the constant stream of ambulances screaming down my street with their blaring sirens for what seemed like hours. Even from the safety of my living room this left me feeling shocked as it gave me a fairly good insight into the magnitude of the attacks and the extraordinary number of injured people.

Whilst needless to say my feelings were incomparable to those who had been injured or who had lost family and friends, I was nevertheless feeling disturbed and upset by the evolving news on the attacks, the graphic images being displayed on TV, the fact that it happened so close to home and by the number of ambulances I could hear enroute to hospital.

I was only too happy to follow the advice from the French government to stay indoors the following day, as were most Parisians, effectively turning Paris into a ghost town.

A deserted Paris Street 16th Nov 2015A deserted Paris street which is normally a bustling intersection with both people and cars

View from my balcony over what is normally a thriving street

I recalled that Sue had recently talked about the power of Neroli essential oil for feelings of shock and since being ‘house-bound’, (well, actually ‘apartment-bound’) I vaporized Focus Essential Oil Blend in my living room during the course of the day.

Focus blend contains essential oils of Neroli, Lavender, Orange, Mandarin and Frankincense. Neroli is wonderful for strengthening the nervous system, relieves anxiety and helps induce relaxation. Lavender is well-known for its ability to counteract stress and relieve mild depression, Frankincense helps to soothe the nervous system whilst Orange and Mandarin oils are both uplifting and harmonising.

I certainly noticed the benefits of using Focus Blend and by the end of the day felt much calmer, stronger, more grounded and ready to face the world again.

Whilst Paris is still on edge and an atmosphere of uneasiness and apprehension pervades the streets, there is at the same time a defiant return to normality as Parisians return to work, shops and cafes re-open with the streets slowly coming back to life.

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