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LED Vaporizer FAQs

Aromatherapy Multi-LED-Light Electric Vaporizer Customer Assistance Guide

To establish if your Aromamatic Vaporizer is working correctly follow these instruction:

Aromamatic Touch Test

Lightly touch the center of the bowl with your finger.
If the vaporizer is warm to the touch, then it is working correctly.

How to care for your Vaporizers?

After your essential oil has vaporized from the bowl, wipe clean with a damp cloth. Alternatively, add 2-3 drops of essential oil or vaporizer cleanser to the warm bowl to loosen any residue that may remain.

How long will the Lights last, What are LEDs and are they Safe?

The longevity and reliability of the LED is 50,000 hours plus.
LED stands for Light Emitting Diode,
LED lights operate at a very low voltage and do not generate any significant heat.

The Aromamatic Multi-Light electric vaporizer has no similarity to the cold water diffusers or electric oil burners using filament light bulbs.

Is the Multi-Light Vaporizer suitable as a night light?

Yes, however it is not suitable as a reading lamp.

Why don't I use Water?

The heat emitted by the recessed bowl of the vaporizer is low, which means that is is warm enough to vaporizer essential oils but not hot enough to burn them.
This makes the use of water unnecessary as it is not needed to control the temperature.

How long will the oil or wax melt last?

This depends on the essential oil used. A base note oil such as Sandalwood will take longer to vaporize than a middle note oil such as Lavender, which in turn will take longer to vaporize than a top note oil such as Lemon. Essential oil blends will vaporize differently, according to the combination of essential oils used in the blend.
As for wax melts please read the packing details.

How often do I have to add oil to the vaporizer?

As often as you wish, remembering that the aroma from the essential oil will linger in the atmosphere for sometime after the oil has vaporized.

Do I have to turn the vaporizer off when the oil has vaporized?

No - with its low temperature control, the Aromamatic Multi-Light Vaporizer allows a safe and continuous operation.

What happens when the oil has finished vaporizing?

Nothing - No harm will come to the vaporizer when the oil has vaporized away.
To get the best from the vaporizer, please remember to clean it regularly.

I can't smell the oil?

Our sense of smell is such that aroma which is continuously inhaled through the olfactory system will cease to be recognized after a period of time. This is called fading.

My vaporizer is getting too hot?

The temperature cannot and will not vary unless the vaporizer has ceased to operate altogether. Do the Touch Test.

My vaporizer is not getting hot enough.

To establish whether the vaporizer is heating correctly please, Do the Touch Test.

Is my vaporizer working properly?

The type of oil you use will make all the difference to your Vaporizer performance.

Here are some hints about using essential oils

  • - Your vaporizer is designed for use with essential oils, rather than fragrance oils
  • - Respected essential oil brands are less likely to contain impurities, which will not vaporize.
  • - Essential Oil diluted in a base oil will not vaporize, eg: 3% Rose in Jojoba oil.
  • - Some essential oils vaporize more quickly than others and essential oils blends vaporize according to their constituents.

The Touch Test

To establish if the Aromamatic Vaporizer is working correctly, follow these instructions:

  • Turn the vaporizer on and allow it to reach full temperature (approx 15min).
  • Lightly touch the center of the bowl with your finger.
  • If the vaporizer is warm to the touch, then it is working correctly.


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